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Welcome to the Lapwings page of the Southery Academy website.

The Lapwings is a class for year 1 and 2 pupils and our teacher is Mr Bothamley. Mr Bothamley is supported by Mrs Love all day and Mrs Shaw.

To give you a clear picture of the timetable for the day please see below:

Lapwings Timetable 

Children should continue their learning at home. This could include a weekly set of spellings to learn, regularly practicing their number bonds, and be heard reading by an adult at home.

Any learning at home will help to both consolidate and support the learning the children have done in class. Please do not do it for them but we encourage you to show a supportive interest in what they are doing. In mathematics work, please make especially sure that you do not encourage them to use calculation methods which are not suitable.

When you hear your child reading, please go for quality rather than quantity – just a few pages from their scheme book each evening, rather than trying to get through the whole book in one go. Please remember to correct any errors they make, encourage expression and fluency, and make sure you discuss what they have just read with them (which helps develop those important skills of inference and deduction).

Below is a yearly overview of the curriculum provision for Lapwings, including all subjects and placement over the year. This may change as we adapt to coming back into school and focus on filling gaps with the children’s learning:

Lapwings Yearly overview 2020-2021 revised

We have also been developing our curriculum plans across the whole school and in Lapwings we have a 2 year curriculum, showing all the different and fascinating knowledge we are going to explore, learn and discover in class! You can see the detail of the plans below:

Lapwings English Long Term Plan

Lapwings Maths Long Term Plan

Lapwings Year A

Lapwings Year B

Parents may find the documents on Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling particularly useful in supporting their child’s home learning.

Year 1 – Lapwings

Year 2 – Lapwings

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you for your support!