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Our vision

Supporting each other, achieving together

We strive to create a safe, friendly environment in which everyone is valued and given the confidence to be inquisitive and love learning. We shall provide experiences which inspire the children to thrive as part of a growing community with high aspirations and opportunities for all.

Our core aims and principles

What we want for every child at Southery Academy:

Empower, engage and to encourage children to be in control of their own learning.



Feel motivated to continue their learning outside of the class room and will have developed the perseverance, resilience and love of learning required for the next phase of their education.


Raise aspirations of the children through an innovative and creative curriculum



To start to transform the future opportunities and progress of the children


To continuously celebrate any and every success.



Encourage all children to embrace the opportunities that they can experience at Southery Academy.



To appreciate the value of learning and the opportunities that a good education can provide.