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Safeguarding and Child Protection at Southery Academy

Our designated safeguarding leads are Mrs Huntington, Mrs Shanks, and Mr Parrish. Our school is part of Operation Encompass and all four designated leads are Encompass trained. Here is our Encompass poster  and our letter to parents about Encompass. Further information can be found following this link Operation Encompass Protocol.

The contact details for our DSLs are:

Elaine Huntington DSL –

Louise Shanks DSL –

Jonathan Parrish DSL –

At Southery Academy we fully recognise our responsibilities for child protection.  We aim to ensure that children are effectively safeguarded from the potential risk of harm and that the safety and well-being of all children is of the highest priority in all aspects of the Academy’s work.  In addition, we aim to maintain an ethos whereby staff, pupils, parents and governors feel able to articulate concerns comfortably, safe in the knowledge that effective action will be taken as appropriate.

Our Safeguarding Policy applies to all adults, including volunteers, working in or on behalf of the Academy and it is expected that everyone working in or for the Academy shares the responsibility to keep children safe from harm and abuse and reports any concerns to the designated safeguarding lead for the Academy or the alternate.

We welcome volunteers, including parents, into our Academy, but at all times ensure that such volunteers are suitable to work with children.  Those who volunteer time with the children on a regular basis are required to undergo checks before they do so.

The value of direct teaching on the subjects of respect, healthy relationships and keeping safe is recognised as a key feature of the School’s proactive and preventative approach to safeguarding.  Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)  teaching includes units on themes and topics such as Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education, Stranger Danger and e-safety issues.   Children are encouraged to explore and discuss these issues in a safe environment.