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We want children to be exposed to a vast range of musical styles and to have the opportunity to be creative musically.

Through the teaching and learning of music at Southery, we intend to:

  • Encourage children to listen to a range of genres.
  • Provide new opportunities by introducing children to a range of instruments.
  • Promote enjoyment through hands on instrument lessons.
  • Educate children about famous musicians and songs which paved the way for today’s music.
  • Make children more confident and capable at performing.


  • To give children opportunities to play a range of instruments.
  • To be taught be a professional music teacher in order to progress their knowledge.
  • To have opportunities to participate in music based activities and performances.
  • To expose children to a range of musical styles and genres.
  • EYFS have full time access to music and instruments, they also have a performance area set up in their outside area.
  • We have access to Charanga in order to aid music lessons.


Teachers will make judgements about each child’s musical knowledge and ability by listening, questioning and assessing during each unit. Additional evidence may be gained during school performances.