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Welcome to Kingfishers Class!

We are an active and enthusiastic class of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. The expectation of children is to always try their best, respect others and be role models for the younger children in the school. Children are given more roles and responsibilities at this stage in their Southery experience, supporting them to grow in resilience and learn how to be accomplished members of our school and wider community.

Meet the Team

Mrs Black - Class Teacher

Mrs Marsh – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Christine Tivey

PE kit

Please ensure that your child wear their PE kit to school every Wednesday. PE is on Wednesday afternoons with our PE specialist. If your child is unable to take part in PE for whatever reason, please provide the school with a note that explains the situation. Without a note the expectation is that your child is fit, able to take part and be ready to join in! Please ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing for both indoor and outdoor PE. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate personal hygiene items – deodorants are roll on or stick please; no sprays.

Home Learning

The Y6 and Y5 home learning activities are sent home at the start of the term. They are split into weekly tasks and home learning projects, with the children expected to complete 4 home learning projects over the term. These are based on a range of curriculum areas and encourage children to involve members of their family. The projects are handed in on the dates in the plan, with the project pieces being discussed, celebrated and displayed in the classroom.

The weekly tasks will support their revision in preparation for SATs, linking to the Y6 SATs Booster Club. Y5 children are also encouraged to complete work from the weekly tasks, as this will help to recover lost learning from the last few months.

Bespoke home learning activities are arranged for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) where appropriate, but most class homework tasks can be differentiated to their level with parental support. 

Reading should be a daily activity, with the children reading with an adult a minimum of 4 days per week. Please discuss new or tricky vocabulary with your child and encourage them to read a range of materials. Reading books are sent home from school, however at this age most children will also be developing their own preferences in authors which you can be supporting at home. Reading records are provided for children and adults to update on a regular basis. Reading books are checked and changed on regularly; please ensure that reading books are in school every day for this to happen.

If you are unsure on how to support your child with their reading at home, please come in for a chat with Mrs Black.


Spellings are sent out for weekly testing and are part of the Spelling Shed scheme which allows children to practise their spelling skills using online activities. Children requiring bespoke spellings work through their given spelling stage word lists more slowly, following a precision teaching style approach with a Teaching Assistant. Children in Kingfishers Class also need to learn the words from the Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and 6 expected word list (from the National Curriculum). These word lists have been sent home and are also listed at the back of the reading records. Children will be tested sporadically throughout the academic year – so please support your child to learn them! A year 6 child cannot be deemed ‘working at expected level’ if they do not show a good level of spelling from within these lists.

Times Tables

Learning their times tables is a MUST for children in Kingfishers Class. By the end of Year 4, children should know their multiplication and division facts up to 12×12, and be able to not only recite them in order, but complete the inverse and answer questions in random orders! So much of the Upper Key Stage 2 curriculum relies on your child having a solid understanding of these number facts – so please make this a learning priority at home. Children have been given personal login details for the PIXL times tables app, but there are so many websites, books, games and apps that you could use for this! Here is a brief list of websites you might find useful:


Kingfishers Class are excited to be following a new curriculum as part of EMAT. This curriculum is a ‘core knowledge based’ curriculum and is, in places, very different to what we have followed in previous years! We will still be using a two year rolling programme to ensure that all of the Year 5 and 6 national curriculum objectives are covered. Please see the 2 year curriculum overview attached below for details of this year’s and next year’s learning, as well as the week timetable for Kingfishers:

Kingfisher 2 Year overview of curriculum 

Year 5 – Kingfishers

Year 6 – Kingfishers

Kingfishers Curriculum Year A – Medium Term Plans.

Medium Term Plan – From Britain to the British Empire Autumn Term Year A

Medium Term Plan – British Geography Spring Term 1 Year A

Medium Term Plan – Viva La France Spring Term 2 Year A

Medium Term Plan – The Land Down Under Summer Term 1 Year A

Medium Term Plan – Geology Rocks Summer Term 2 Year A

Kingfishers Curriculum Year B – Medium Term Plans.

Medium Term Plan – The Victorian Era Autumn Term Year B

Medium Term Plan – The Lives of Great Scientists Spring Term 1 Year B

Medium Term Plan – Islam and the Holy Wars Spring Term 2 Year B

Medium Term Plan – United States of America Summer Term Year B